A pen drawing of planet earth

Dear reader,

Since starting my music career, I've felt guilty about traveling for concerts and the environmental impact of my activities. To address this, my manager Mark and I have taken steps to understand and offset our carbon footprint. We carefully consider CO2 compensation and sometimes choose not to pursue certain endeavors that would have significant environmental impact, such as unnecessary merchandise.

Calculating our precise impact is challenging and time-consuming, as it involves factors like package weight, transportation modes, and plane configurations. Obtaining all the necessary data is often impractical. To keep things simple we decided to focus on our main activities: touring, merchandise and streaming.

The menu at the top will bring you to our findings. We've provided links to relevant sources and literature for reference. Our goal is to share our approach so that more artists can easily compensate for their impact. If you have knowledge to contribute or are tackling similar issues, please reach out to us at management@joepbeving.com.

There's no obligation to join us, but if you believe in making the music industry greener, we'd be delighted to have you on board.

Upwards and onwards,

Joep & Mark